Mourinho must play attractive and win big

Jose Mourinho left Chelsea back in 2007 for Inter Milan and he won Scudetto. Since he left Chelsea won English Premier League, Champions League and Europa League. Abramovich’s ambitions are visibly higher since than, just winning the trophies won’t be enough anymore. This group of players won big trophies in the last couple of years and with youngsters coming upfront we might see “special” side.

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What Chelsea lacked the most in previous month is one hell of a striker, because Torres and Eto’o can’t convert when you need them. Most of their goals came from midfielders Oscar and Hazard. Mourinho will have to consider of buying inform striker(Lewandowski?). Hm, Lukaku is on loan at Everton and he’s infrom. Can they wait for Lukaku to rise away?

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One of the brightest points is collection of young players bought in last two years. Abramovich invested around € 100 million in Mourinho’s secret desires, better to pay off. Oscar, Hazard, De Bruyne, Schürrle, van Ginkel and Azpilicueta can produce stable side in the future… but whether it will be enough to re-dominate in the PL?

I have no concerns about the defensive line, it seems like Terry will have priority over Luiz and Cahill this season. They were in the top 3 defensive teams in the PL last season and I’m sure there’s still a lot of room to improvement with such class defenders.

What do you think how far can Mourinho push in his first season back at Chelsea? Which is your biggest concern about Chelsea not winning the PL?

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