Richest football clubs in 2015

Football is among the richest sports in the world, together with tennis for example, or golf. Popular football clubs are well known as very rich and having good and rich sponsors, and managers that provide good players and invest their money in the club itself. The sum of money that one famous football club has on its account is huge. Is it love towards sports, football in particular, that makes people to invest in it, or a motivation for rich people about what is the right way to spend their money, we cannot answer, but there is a fact that really a lot of money is invested in football itself. Regardless of whether money goes to repairing football pitches, to transfers of players or skillfull coaches, people are willing to participate and give their contribution.

Real_Madrid_CF.svgWhen it comes to the richest football clubs in 2015, in particular, the list is long. However, the leaders on the list are Real Madrid and Barcelona, the Spanish clubs and rivals in the Spanish league. Manchester United and Bayern Munich follow. Next on the list are Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, the English clubs, Milan and Juventus that are Italian clubs, and Liverpool is the last one, also English club. These clubs are the richest when we take into consideration their revenue in comparison to the previous year, and the overall value of the club. Real Madrid has the value of even 3.4 billion dollars, and their revenue is 675 million dollars. Barcelona´s value is a bit smaller, 3.2 billion dollars and they earn up to 627 million dollars.

Manchester United estimates its value of 2.81 billion dollars and revenue of 551 million dollars in 2015. Another English club is Arsenal, and they have the valueFC_Barcelona_(crest).svg of 1.33 billion dollars, and on their club account there is over 371 million dollars. Manchester City has exactly 863 million dollars to offer as their value and 411 million dollars to spend on buying other good players to increase their profit. Italian clubs Milan and Juventus have 856 and 850 million dollars value, Milan has 343 and Juventus 343 million dollars as revenue, in 2015. The last but not the least is Liverpool with high amount of money as their value-691 million and they have earned 313 million dollars in this year. When we look at these numbers we can see really huge amounts of money being invested in this popular sport.

It is not in vain that football is called the most important secondary thing, especially in lives of men. Apart from having a good idea about where to invest their precious money,Manchester_United_FC_crest.svg it is for sure that football managers and club owners have a great love towards this sport. They just want to keep football álive´and emphasize the positive and healthy side of football and sports on general.

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