Top 10 most expensive football transfers in winter 2015

Football is one of the sports in which high amounts of money are invested every year. One area in which that money goes, is buying new players for the club. Football club owners follow certain players throughout the year, and their progress. Then they choose which ones they want in their own clubs. This period of year, the summer, is the period of transfer, and moving of players from team to other one.

Some of the most expensive transfers occur in famous football clubs, such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and similar. They donĀ“t hesitate to offer up to hundred million dollars for one player. The competition between clubs to catch the best player and bring him to their club is very tense. When it comes to ten most expensive football transfers in 2015, it includes next football players:


Luis Suarez, which was brought to Barcelona with the price of impressive 94 million euros, and his salary of 12.5 million euros annually. The next player is James Rodriguez. Real Madrid payed 80 million euros to his former club and offered Rodriguez 7.5 million euros per year, as his salary. Angel di Maria is the third player with the amazing 75 million euros that are paid for him, and with annual salary of 7 million euros. The forth one is David Luiz, Brazilian football star. Chelsea payed 25 million euros for him and he got 4.5 million euros per year. Alexis Sanches is one the fifth place on our scale. By showing great progress and performance, during the last year, Arsenal decided to buy him , and offered 44 million euros to bring him to London. Sanches got salary of even 9 million euros per year. The sixth one is Diego Costa, from Spain. Rowan Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea, paid 40 million euros for this player and offered him salary of 10 million euros per year.

On seventh place, we have Eliaquim Mangala. He moved from PC Porto, to Manchester city, for 40 million euros, and earned salary of 5.5 million euros annually. Then, we have a well-known Cesc Fabregas. He moved from Arsenal to Chelsea, for 38 million euros and 10 million euros annually. One place under the tenth, the top one, is nineteen years old Luke Shaw. He moved from Southampton to Manchester United, for 38 million euros and 6 million euros of his annual income. And the tenth place goes to twenty years old Ander Herrera. Manchester United invested 38 million euros in this player and offered him salary of 4 million euros per year.

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