Top 10 richest club owners in 2015

Famous football clubs require to be under control of rich owners, who will invest in them and kepp them famous all around the world. In the sam etime, whn their clubs are famous, club
owners become famous, too. Here are the ten richest football club owners in 2015. The first is, of course well­known, Roman Abramovich. With his club, Chelsea, he earns amazing 10.2 billion dollars annually. However, he is not the only one that earns couple billion dollars every year. Next one is John Fredriksen, with his club Valarenga from Norway.

Since it is the most famous club in this country, Fredriksen earn 11.2 billion dollars annually. The third place goes to Paul Allen, Seattle Sounders. Famous also by neing the co­founder of Microsoft, he earns around 15 billion dollars all together. The fourth place is for François Pinault, Stade Rennais. This French club owner gets 15 billion dollars on his account every year. Then we have Rinat Akhmetov, with his club Shakhtar Donetsk. The richest Ukranian in the world earns 15.4 billion dollars. The sixth club owner is Lakshmi Mittal, QPR.

However, his wealth of 16.5 billion per year has decreased recently, but he still deserves the sixth position. The seventh is Alisher Usmanov, and well­known club from London, Arsenal. Usmanov earns 17.6 billion dollars with his club every year.
On the eight position is George Soros, Manchester United. Thid billionaire investes in the largest UK club, and has income of 19.2 billion dollars. Ninth place is reserved for Amancio Ortega, Deportivo La Coruna. With his Spanish club, Ortega earns amazing 57 billion dollars. And the tenth is Carlos Slim Helu, Club Pachuca, Club Leon and Real Oviedo. He is on the top because his annual sallary with his club is even 73 billion dollars.

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