FC Barcelona and Neymar transfer scandal

Neymar made his professional debut in 2009 at the age of 17 for FC Santos. The public was soon aware of his talent and capabilities. Neymar soon showed interest to play in Europe, so he transferred to FC Barcelona in 2013 for five seasons. Neymar and FC Barcelona didn’t release actual details on the transfer fee, personal terms and so on. That should raise some suspicions, don’t you think?

Tax fraud and official statement

But the story doesn’t end there. The scandal arose when Spanish tax authorities indicted FC Barcelona on tax charges linked to the signing of the contract. It was suspected that the team was involved in a tax fraud, referred to as financial engineering. The most suspicious were the payments made to Brazilian company, which is controlled by Neymar’s father. The prosecutors suspected that the payments were taxable, but the parties involved disguised it as other payments (just so that they could avoid reporting it and paying taxes).

FC Barcelona pays to keep the crowd and authorities pleased

On the 19th of February FC Barcelona gave an official statement regarding the alleged tax fraud. FC Barcelona stated that the club’s dealings were all in line with the relevant legal legislation and that the Club is willing to collaborate with the Justice authorities and give them all the required information regarding this issue.

A week ago FC Barcelona paid £11.1million following the allegations of tax fraud. FC Barcelona stated that they paid this amount just to clear any misunderstandings and mis-interpretations of the Neymar deal. Further more they announced that they are going to state their case in court and clear the clubs name once and for all.


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