Top richest football clubs in England 2012

The thing that sets rich clubs in England apart from rest of the world is the fact that there is many clubs very well off even below the top clubs – this is sometimes due to rich owners, but often also for the fact that the league splits the money more evenly, unlike other leagues, making it overall more competitive.


manchester city

1. Manchester City

There is super-rich clubs like Manchester City, though, who are dominating the league financially with money of Abu Dhabi United Group. The 400 million net transfer spend is well documented and it has fabricated their recent rise to the top. Their achivement last season did some transfer success this year. As top England side they were able to get relatively cheap young talents like Scott Sinclair and Jack Rodwell.



2. Chelsea

Another mega-rich club that bends the transfer market with the money of Roman Abramovich. First club to really rise from mid-table obscurity and only occasional successes to a top club after being taken over by a rich owner. Everybody tought that Abramovich ambitions and high investments would eased after winning Champions League, but we saw different story. He spent big 100.3 million euros in last transfer window just like that.


manchester united

3. Manchester United

After being taken over by Glazers, United’s financial dominance has eased due to the debt payments, but with their massive value and revenue they still can compete at the top financially. Robin Van Persie is their latest big purchase, and like most of their current purchases offers value for money at mere 30 million euros for a top class striker. Shinji Kagawa, Angelo Henriquez, Alexander Buttner and Nick Powell are interesting young legs brought last summer.



4. Arsenal

Well, the fact is that while they have not been exactly lighting up the transfer market, Arsenal are a rich club. The payments for Emirates certainly slow them down financially, but they are one of the most financially sustainable clubs in in the whole world. High value and good revenues mean that if they can put their on the field performances up to standard, they will be stay up there in the top of world football for years to come. Last summer Wenger spent more than usual 43 millions euros on Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud. Probably we all can agree Arsenal are still searching for RVP’s replacement.



5. Tottenham

Tottenham are another London club on a solid financial foundation. They have not managed to replicate their spot in Champions League, but they still have a great squad and are consistently doing well in Premier League. After Modric saga Andre Villas-Boas spent 68 millions euros for smart reinforcements to put them back on track. Not to mention if they keep dealing well in the transfer market they are bound to stay financially well-off.



6. Liverpool

Liverpool has been in a downward spiral over the recent years, and spending absurd money on players such as Andy Carroll doesn’t help them. Still, if anything that proves that they still have the financial muscle to compete for the players, even if not the absolute top ones. This year they spent the lowest amount of money for new players on this list. Main two newcomers last summer were Joe Allen from Swansea for 19 millions euros and  Fabio Borini from Roma for 13.3 millions euros. In terms of money, Liverpool can still return to the top, but they will have to turn their fortunes around soon.

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